An Bradán Feasa works closely with organisations to educate, train and develop both managers and employees in implementing their security policy and procedures. Our engagement is comprehensive and concise in order to add real value. An Bradán Feasa strives to foster a highly participatory approach to learning in an effort to create a positive and enduring impact.

An Bradán Feasa provides your staff with high value training designed to address the potential threats they might encounter. We strive to build confidence in organisational procedures and individual responses.

  1. Pre-Travel Region and Country Specific Briefings and Risk Awareness
  2. Student and Volunteer Organisation Travel Risk Training
  3. Personal Security Awareness Training
  4. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  5. Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT)
  6. Travel Risk Management Training for Travel/Risk Managers
An Bradán Feasa enables management to respond effectively to critical incidents at home or overseas. By means of bespoke realistic scenarios, we train and exercise your team to analyse the situation critically and derive viable solutions.