Humanitarian and Development programmes are often delivered in complex and high risk environments. Through the lens of humanitarian principles and contemporary security strategies, we work alongside management and staff to develop a comprehensive security solution in support of programmes and initiatives worldwide.


An Bradán Feasa understands that the Education Sector is diverse and complex. Consideration must always be given to the well-being of both educational staff and students. We design and deliver a broad range of safety and security solutions within the sector; from Third Level overseas volunteer programmes, to Lockdown Procedures for Primary Schools.


As new opportunities for growth arise across the global marketplace, businesses often need to take a step into the unknown. As such, ensuring organisational resilience and business continuity is an emerging necessity in today’s Corporate Sector. An Bradán Feasa offers security solutions that support corporate organisations in achieving their objectives whilst meeting their employee Duty of Care obligations.


In order to remain competitive, Aviation and Maritime organisations must be prepared to be onsite in support of new commercial opportunities, asset deliveries, customer acceptance, asset management and customer relationship development. As these sectors become more competitive, new market opportunities are driving new marketplaces, often in high risk locations. An Bradán Feasa equips organisations with the policies and procedures required to manage and mitigate risk.


The security context in which journalists and media organisations operate in has become increasingly complex. An Bradán Feasa work with local and international journalists to build robust security strategies and plans to address aspects of both personal and digital security in the contemporary operating environment.


Whilst opportunities for the Construction Sector are on the rise, the challenges continue to increase also. Construction projects in austere or high threat environments are often difficult to coordinate, secure and maintain as a result of external influences. An Bradán Feasa works with Construction organisations to develop a security strategy that addresses factors such as security, community acceptance and criminality in order protect workers and enable the delivery of projects on time.