Risk Management

Assessing and managing risk is often a challenge for organisations. The uncertain nature of threats makes it extremely difficult to quantify the risks an organisation and its employees might face. An Bradán Feasa adopts a more reflective approach to risk management with an emphasis on recognising potential vulnerabilities within the organisation. By understanding these vulnerabilities, An Bradán Feasa helps organisations build effective mitigation measures into their security procedures.

We carefully design the right security policy and procedures for your organisation, so they can be easily integrated into your own training and development programmes. This is usually carried forward through Leadership and Team development via a number of methods, including workshops, seminars and mentoring. Our Risk Management services are categorised into four complimentary groups:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Identification and Assessment
  • Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
  • Development and/or Audit of Security Policies and Procedures
  • Implementation and Testing of Security Policies and Procedures

An Bradán Feasa utilises a six step process in order to ensure that your organisation can sustain its operations and programmes at home or overseas:

Step 1

Preliminary Security Assessment

Step 2

Development of Organisational Governance and Policy

Step 3

Focussed Planning Involving Key Stakeholders

Step 4

Development of Standards and Procedures

Step 5

Establishment of an Integrated Organisational Security System

Step 6

Stress Testing and Review