What is a Lockdown Policy and Procedure?

Lockdown is the internationally recognised term for securing buildings and rooms in order to protect people during a critical incident. Similar to a Fire Drill, it is required to be well thought out and easy to follow. When developing your Lockdown Policy and Procedure, it is important to be realistic as regards the threats your school or organisation might face. While the threat of an armed attack is unlikely, the possibility of an aggrieved individual, criminal activity or a nearby incident may require the premises to be secured and all personnel to be accounted for quickly. An Bradán Feasa work closely with you to produce a bespoke and fit for purpose Lockdown Policy and Procedure that will provide your school or organisation with the correct response during a critical incident.

What does it entail?

  • A Physical Security Review will be conducted in order to design the best Lockdown Policy and Procedure for you.
  • A bespoke Lockdown Policy and Procedure will be presented to you in a Word Document.
  • An Bradán Feasa will conduct a one hour Staff Training Workshop.

What is next?

Contact us and we will arrange a visit (this usually takes up to two hours). We will then design and write a Lockdown Policy and Procedure based on your needs. When you are happy with the procedures we have recommended, we will provide a one hour training workshop to staff in order to explain the policy and practice the procedure.