In-Country Training Team

In-Country Training Team

ABF’s In-Country Training Teams (ICTT) are an ideal option for any organisation that requires Security Awareness Training to be delivered while in location. It is a cost effective way to deliver valuable training to your organisation without causing major disruption to ongoing projects or operations.

ABF can deploy training teams on request worldwide to deliver standard courses or customised training packages that suit your needs. Our experienced staff can adapt our training offerings to suit the environment and facilities available.

When would you use In-Country Training Teams?

ICTTs can be utilised to train International staff who arrive to a country without having completed any security awareness training. They can also be utilised to train National staff, who are integral to the success of projects or operations. Their security awareness training can sometimes be overlooked by organisations as most international staff receive their security awareness training prior to their arrival.
Finally, extended projects or operations may require revision of security awareness training for all staff.



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