Security Training Courses

Some of the many threats we can face when working or travelling overseas include natural disasters, infectious diseases, crime, civil unrest, kidnapping and terrorism.

Whether you are travelling through a European city on business or providing humanitarian aid in a remote part of Africa, your personal security is predicated on your ability to recognise and react to these threats.

It is of vital importance that you are prepared for the challenging conditions that you may face before your departure - the modularised Security Awareness Training package offered by ABF will help you do just that.

ABF deliver PSAT, HEAT and HEFAT courses in the picturesque setting of Kilkenny, Ireland. Located less that 2 hours from Dublin Airport, Kilkenny City offers visitors a unique blend of ancient and contemporary.  Kilkenny city is rich in culture and craft providing visitors with a warm welcome in a distinctive and vibrant setting.

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