About Us

About Us

When translated from Irish, An Bradán Feasa means the 'Salmon of Knowledge' - a fabled creature from Irish mythology. According to the legends of the band of warriors known as the Fianna, this particular fish possessed all of the world's knowledge. Whoever was clever enough to catch it, would in turn gain this knowledge.

This ancient Irish fable delicately represents ABF's commitment to share our staff's knowledge and experience with our clients. Our staff have deployed to the Middle East and Africa with numerous International Organisations. Their practical field experience includes: Field Security; Risk Assessment and Management; Civil-Military Co-ordination; Communications and Medical Care.

Our Team

ABF's Security Team Leader has extensive military service with experience in Field Security, Risk Assessment, Reconnaissance, Navigation and Tactical Instruction. In addition our Security Team Leader brings a wealth of knowledge obtained from working in the Middle East. Our Team Leader also holds a MA in Strategic Studies with a focus on Political Violence & Terrorism. This combination of practical experience and academic understanding allows ABF to provide unique and comprehensive security training.


ABF's Humanitarian Team Leader has worked primarily  in the areas of Civil-Military Co-ordination, Logistics and Field Security during his Military career.  He has a diverse range of field experience operating in the Middle East and Europe.  Our Team Leader  is engaged in academic study  in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict. Additionally he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  The Humanitarian Team leverages the experience and academic profiles of the trainers, to develop security packages commensurate with the modern risks faced by Humanitarian and Aid workers.  


ABF's IT and Cyber Team Leader has an accomplished career in Information Security and IT Management. He has honed a unique set of security skills throughout a broad Military career including overseas service in the Middle East and Europe. Our IT & Cyber Security Team Leader now transfers this wealth of experience to ABF clients. His previous experience includes Information Security Management, IT  Management, IT Procurement and ICT Planning/Strategy. Our Team Leader holds a M.Sc in Communications and Technology Management along with a broad range of cyber security certifications.


ABF's Travel and Vehicle Security Team Leader has an extensive military background with a demonstrated and capable history of working at operational, tactical and strategic levels both domestically and overseas. Our team leader possesses subject matter expertise in vehicle procurement, fleet management, vehicle platform training, convoy procedures and vehicle emergency training. Skilled in the development, delivery and execution of tactical training, operational planning and conduct, project management and logistical support. This practical experience is supported by a strong educational background with a Diploma in leadership, Management and Defence Studies and an MA in Strategic Studies focused in Global Political and Military Strategy .

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