About us

When translated from Irish, An Bradán Feasa means the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ – a fabled creature from Irish mythology. According to the legends of the band of warriors known as the Fianna, this particular fish possessed all of the world’s knowledge. Whoever was clever enough to catch it, would in turn gain this knowledge.

This ancient Irish fable delicately represents An Bradán Feasa’s culture and commitment to share our knowledge and experience with our clients. Our staff have deployed to some of the most challenging locations around the world, with numerous International Organisations and Specialist Teams.  We have developed a unique approach and cultivated a culture that is focussed on enabling and sustaining our clients’ objectives.

Founded in 2017 and based in the Republic of Ireland, An Bradán Feasa represents a unique hybrid of security specialists and capabilities that continues to add unparalleled value to our client organisations’ global operations and programmes.

Our Team

Tom Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & Lead Humanitarian Security Consultant

Tom has worked primarily in the areas of Civil-Military Co-ordination, Field Security and Training during his Military career.  He has a diverse range of field experience operating in the Middle East and Europe.  Tom Holds an LL.M  in Peace Operations, International Humanitarian Law and Conflict.  He has worked extensively with the Irish Diplomatic Corps in the development of region specific security training and preparation.  He has engaged in several international forums pertaining to specialist themes such as Security Sector Reform, Cross Cultural Competency, Gender and Conflict, Human Security and Civilian Protection. 

James O’Neill

Co-Founder & Cyber Security Consultant

James has an accomplished career in Information Security and IT Management. He has honed a unique set of security skills throughout a broad Military career including overseas service in the Middle East and Europe. James now transfers this wealth of experience to An Bradán Feasa’s clients. His portfolio includes Information Security Management, IT Management, IT Procurement and ICT Planning/Strategy. James holds a M.Sc in Communications and Technology Management along with a broad range of cyber security certifications.  This unique blend has earned James a place at leading national Cyber Security forums and events as a guest speaker and panellist. 

Roisin Condron Wynne

Lead Human Development Consultant

Róisín has an accomplished career in Security, Education, Training, Counselling, Personal Development and Resilience. She has a unique and diverse skill set which she has honed throughout a broad military career including overseas service ,primarily in the Balkan region. Róisín holds an M.Ed in Guidance and Counselling, is a member of the Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, is a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence and has extensive experience in the design and delivery of stress management and resilience programmes. Róisín is passionate about the evolving complexity of risk and endeavors to push beyond traditional training methods and interventions to educate, train and develop human performance through building individual and collective resilience. She has worked extensively with the Irish Diplomatic Corps in Resilience Building and has engaged at national and internal forums exploring and developing themes such as Gender and Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Resilience, Suicide Intervention and Prevention, Wellbeing and Resilience Building.

Gerry Waldron

Security Consultant & Medical Advisor

Gerry served for 16 years in the Irish Defence Forces in a variety of operational and training roles both at home and in the Middle East. During the latter stages of his career he became involved in Healthcare Management and Pre Hospital Care training and served as the training officer for the Defence Forces Medical School and as a senior administrative and operations officer for the Defence Forces Medical Service. During this period he retrained as a medical doctor and departed the army to join the Irish Health Service. He is the founder of the National Security Summit Ireland and Director of Slándáil a non-profit group that promotes education, discussion and debate of security issues in Ireland. Gerry holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from UCD, a Bachelor of Science from UL, a Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management from RCSI and a National Diploma in Military Studies. He is currently completing a Masters of Public Health with UCC and brings an unique perspective to all our security assessments and analysis as he is able to fully integrate local and international health risks into our comprehensive planning and training process.