An Bradán Feasa helps organisations keep their people safe, enabling your objectives to be achieved at home or abroad.

An Bradán Feasa is a unique hybrid of security specialists with experience across a broad spectrum of security fields. We are fundamentally committed to adding value through our lived experience and conceptual approaches.
Some of the many threats we can face today include crime, civil unrest, kidnapping, terrorism, natural disasters and infectious diseases. Whether you are travelling through a European city on business or providing humanitarian aid in a remote part of Africa, your personal security is predicated on your ability to recognise and react to threats. We offer Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Security Training in Ireland and abroad across several sectors.

Our Ethos


Obtain the knowledge required to recognise, assess and reduce security risks.


Learn the practical skills and procedures required to enhance security and react to threats.


Enhance security and enable objectives by developing individual mind-sets and organisational security practices.

Who we have helped